Who We Are

Our Story

Jamie and Jon were childhood sweethearts, who met and fell in love at the age of thirteen. Then, somehow, life got in the way and their paths diverged. Jon left school a year ahead of Jamie, and they each moved on, fell into different social circles, became involved with other people.

More than two decades later, and with a helping hand from Facebook, they’ve rediscovered not only one another, but a love far deeper and more enduring than a teenage romance. With the idea of merging their personal relationship with a working one, they combined the things they have in common—creativity and a love of reading—and LoveBound Promotions was born!

About Jamie (Tour/Review Coordinator)

A romantic at heart, Jamie has always been able to get lost in the pages of a book, and when not immersed in a novel, can generally be found writing M/M romance for young and new adults. Having discovered first-hand the challenges involved in bringing a novel to the attention of readers, Jamie set up LoveBound Promotions with the aim of helping authors across the romance genre promote their work.

About Jon (Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager)

An artist who wears many hats, Jon is never happier than when he’s creating, whether it’s strumming out a tune on his guitar, writing humorous poetry, or tinkering with website code. A lover of literature, particularly epic love stories set against the backdrop of fantastical worlds, he established LoveBound Promotions where he can put his talents to good use assisting authors by designing eye-catching graphics.