Tour Terms and Conditions

Before booking a tour with LoveBound Promotions, please ensure you have read and are happy with the following:

  • Your book must be a romance in any of its sub-genres, and we reserve the right to refuse any tour request that doesn’t meet our criteria.
  • We require at least a month’s notice in order to set up your tour, although longer (around 6-8 weeks) is preferred.
  • Once your tour request has been approved, an invoice will be sent to you via email and full payment expected through PayPal upon receipt. Since we begin work on your tour as soon as payment has been received in full, all our packages are non-refundable.
  • Though we always endeavour to obtain the maximum number of stops purchased for any tour, this is dependent on the level of interest among our bloggers and therefore cannot be guaranteed. The same applies to Review Queries and the number of reviews.
  • You are responsible for getting tour materials to us 3-5 days in advance of the scheduled tour stop, and for providing original content (interviews, guest posts, exclusive excerpts etc. where required. If your tour is to include reviews, you will need to have digital ARCS available at least a month prior to the start of the tour.

Blogger Terms and Conditions

Before signing up to be a tour host with LoveBound Promotions, please ensure you have read and are happy with the following:

  • You have a blog primarily dedicated to books, including but not limited to romance in any of its sub-genres, and which is updated regularly.
  • You will receive information on new tours via email, and may opt to take part in those tours that interest you, either by replying directly to the email or by filling out the tour signup form on our website.
  • We aim to have tour materials to you 3-5 days in advance of your tour stop, so long as the author sends us the materials on time. Materials will be provided as an HTML ready document, as well as in separate text and image files for those bloggers wishing to format to their own specifications.
  • If you opt to host an author for an interview as part of a tour, it’s preferred that you supply the questions, although we can help with this if needed. Guest posts are the author’s responsibility, but ideas for topics are always welcome.
  • If you sign up to host a tour stop on a specific date, you are committing to have your post up by 10am (EST) on that day. If you are unable to post for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible so we can fill your spot. Failure to post on 2 or more occasions without prior notice will result in your blog being removed from our list.